Treebeard, the Mighty Ent

Treebeard was a favorite character of mine from reading the Lord of the Rings.  I wasn't very thrilled to see the way he was represented in the 1978 version of the film, but Peter Jackson did a great job solidifying his portrayal in its glory when he gave us The Two Towers and Return of the King.  So when I started playing the LotR Strategy Battle Game he was a "must have" for me.  I have also started using him as an ally for my War of the Ring Elf armies as well.

I have a couple more Ents in progress and have considered an Ent Army for WotR, but am not yet sure about that investment in time and money yet considering the relative weakness of Hard To Kill models in that game system.  Treebeard, however, has the Very Hard To Kill special rule and I've found that far more reasonable.


In both game systems, Treebeard is the lead Hero for any Ent forces.  He has good movement, is very strong with multiple attacks and has a high defense to help him stand up to his foes.  He can throw stones for ranged combat and is one of the most accurate "monsters" when doing so, but really comes into his own in close combat.  In WotR I was able to take out several companies of Goblins on a single charge and, as monsters deal their damage before their enemies can strike back, there was little left of the Goblin force to threaten him.



In War of the Ring he also has the ambusher special ability allowing him to hide in a defensible formation of trees until you are ready to spring him, should a good opportunity present itself when you are deploying your force.  He also has Might and a very high Fight value, nearly equivalent of a Hero calling an Epic Strike, making him potent for Duels (you can deal significant damage to a Formation with the Duel, then hit it with the Charge and potentially shatter it completely).  When playing multiple Ents in WotR he also has a special rule where any other Ents within 6" of him when he calls an Heroic Charge can also make an Heroic Charge for free, even if they have not Might.


I deviated a bit from the Games Workshop recommended color pallet and assembly when building my model.  First, I left off the two Hobbit models that were intended to be Merry and Pippin ridding him to war against Isengard.  I have other plans for those models and wanted Treebeard to be more neutral in appearance regarding when he's played.  I also wanted him to have a slightly different pose to help set him apart.  So I bent his legs (this is NOT an easy task with a thick metal model) to give him more of a stride and repositioned his arms appropriately to match the movement.  I also went with a more brownish color base than is typically used on the model.



Finally, I made a custom base for him.  Typically he's played on a flat circle base with some earth and flock.  To give him a little extra height and enhance his dynamic pose I built up his base with greenstuff and stones before adding texture, paint and underbrush.