My LotR Models

Lord of the Rings Models


Here you will find articles and pictures of the many models I have painted so far to represent my Armies in the Lord of the Rings game systems.  The models are for both the Strategy Battle Game as well as the War of the Rings mass combat game system and the "profiles" (the various statistics and special abilities of a model) are similar for each system though some variation exists.

The biggest difference is that WotR armies are MUCH larger than SBG armies.  A typical SBG game at our local store ( Elite Hobbies, Dover, NH ) would be 500 - 750 points with some games as low as 250 or as high as 1000 points.  In WotR games at 750 points are small, with 1000 being a more reasonable "minimum" for a WotR match.  We are settling into a range of between 1000 and 1500 for most of our games.

My Models are grouped By Army.  At the most basic level this means "Good versus Evil".  Under each I have broken down by individual "army", based mostly on the SBG book Legions of Middle Earth (LoME) which is defines the rules for army building in the Strategy Battle Game.  In War of the Ring the groups are pretty broad, such that all Elves fall into one, "Gondor" as another, etc.  This is close to how early versions of SBG treated the forces but allowed for some unrealistic power-gaming combos as well as mixing forces that never would have or could have actually fought side by side in Tolkien's work.  LoME did a lot to clean up such issues and add a good Tolkien flavor to the army building process.  WotR returns to a more "open" view of armies and so for my grouping here I will stick mostly to SBG LoME arrangements.