Spider Queen, Late Progress

Naneth Fuin, Spider Queen of Dol Guldur


 I have decided that the Elves of Thranduil's Halls have named this, the greatest of all spiders living north of the Ered Lithui, Naneth Fuin, the Dark Mother.   She is nearing completion.  I have a little more highlighting to do on the Queen and then several layers of protective dull-coat to apply.  Her base is also mostly finished. I need to add some appropriate foliage to the tree (still deciding what kind I want), some grasses to the base and perhaps some web and/or a victim.  I don't want to go overboard on it as it needs to be playable above all, but I want to be sure she stands out well both on the table and for the September painting challenge at on One Ring.


As before, I ask forgiveness for the image quality...we're still waiting to replace our camera so these are taken w/ my mobile.  Thankfully I've gotten a little better, eliminating most of the blur, but I'm still not thrilled with the quality.



As mentioned previously, she's a mix of two Games Workshop models:  Shelob and the Spider Queen.  In both the Strategy Battle Game and War of the Ring game systems, the Spider Queens are decent selections (maybe even under priced in their point value) but are "generic" models.  You may have as many of them on the table as you can afford within certain army-building guidelines.  What I wanted though is something that can represent an ancient horror that has actually spawned those "lesser" Spider Queens and they in turn breed the Giant Spiders that plague Mirkwood.  And so I took a Shelob and Spider Queen model, cut them each roughly in half, and attached the back of the SQ to the front of Shelob, using Shelob's legs as well.  I am really pleased with the results.  You can see the early stage after being primed in my Spider Queen, Early Stages article.


From there I painted the whole model with a heavy dry brush of Scorched Brown.  This covered most, but not all of the primer.  I applied a drybrush of Scorched Brown mixed with a little Chaos Black into the areas that will have the darker colored patterns.  This was followed by a series of drybrush layers of Snakebite Leather mixed with Scorched Brown, gradually lightening to just Snakebite Leather.  At each stage the dark pattern was emphasized by keeping the mix about 2-layers darker (first couple included a little Chaos Black, for example).  I also gave a wash of Delvin Mud every layer or two to help with the blending.  A wash of Black was applied to the joints on the legs to help define them.


The mouth as well as the decayed-tissue area on the head were each painted with Dark Flesh mixed with a little Chaos Black, then highlighted Dark Flesh followed by a final highlight of Dark Flesh with just a little Tanned Flesh.  A very watered down Black wash was applied between layers.  The eyes are Chaos Black with the largest of the eyes having a tiny dot of White as a reflection.  I want to step away for a couple days and look at it again before I finalize it.


In the pics you can't pick out some of this too well yet since it's relatively dark.  In person it does stand out more but I was also specifically going for a dark brown scheme with as realistic of appearance as possible.  This doesn't always lend itself to "impressive" paint schemes, but then again I'm not that kind of painter and can't really pull off that same style.


I'll reserve details of the base for another post.


And in closing, the last thing a Wood Elf ever sees...





Work in Progress