WotR - Dol Guldur Scouts, 750 points

Dol Guldur Scouts, 750 points

War of the Ring Army - Dol Guldur


This army represents a smaller "Border Patrol" scout force detached from Dol Guldur.  As such it does not include any Epic Heroes.


In fact, one thing you will probably notice immediately is that it includes NO Heroes in any of the Formations.  Though this cripples the force somewhat, having no magic, not having any Might for Heroic Actions and not being able to call At The Double, it does eliminate any risk of a powerful Dueler causing havoc.  It also plays well with the concept of the force.  The lack of Heroes really isn't a good strategy under most conditions and it does make this force harder to play successfully, but it allows for a fairly large amount of troops to be packed into a 750 point list and makes for a fun, themed and challenging game.


As a WotR army it needs to include at least one Epic Hero or Legendary Formation.  In this case, I am using a Company of Castellans of Dol Guldur.  These spirits are a Legendary Formation that packs a good punch.  They are Indomitable (they will fight to the last model) and have Spirit Walk (can pass right through terrain and other models) and Spirit Grasp (allowing them to attack a Formations base Courage rather than its Defense).  They have a high Defense and are Resilience 2 so they last a long time (and don't forget that Indomitable).  As "Guards" of the Hill of Sorcery they are a logical option to lead the patrol army.


Following the Castellans are a variety of troops.  The army includes a 6 Companies of Morannon Orc which I have found to be a great bargain troop with a high enough Defense to stand up for a while in combat.  In this army I usually deploy them as two 3-Company Formations.  These are joined by a 2-Company Formation of Mordor Uruk Hai with 2-handed weapons to provide some extra punch against tougher foes and a small 2-Company Formation of Mordor Orcs with Bows for some (very) basic shooting.


A War Troll of Dol Guldur (Mordor Troll) rounds out the foot troops, providing a solid hitting model that can help the infantry forces as well as drawing bow fire or spells away from the other Formations.


There are five Companies of Warg Riders with Shields in the Patrol force to give some speed and flanking options and their Prowler special rule comes in nice when you manage to get the right charge.  I will usually deploy them as separate Formations of one 2-Company and a 3-Company.  They are joined by 4 Companies of Giant Spiders which also match their speed and Prowler rules, adding a Poisoned Bite and Master Pathfinders to boot.  The relative weakness of these two Formations (Warg Riders and Spiders) are another reason the Troll is there.


This is NOT a killer 750 point force.  The complete lack of Heroes and magic significantly limit the mobility, flexibility and options of the army.  Having 11 Companies of Infantry, 9 Companies of Cavalry and a Monster squeezed into the points at least gives it a reasonable chance if played well and the Castellans can really cause damage when they get into the mix (though they, like all Spirits, are best supported by Magic that reduces Courage).  The force will have an extra hard time against highly mobile enemies or any game that requires you to get to objectives before your opponent since it can't At The Double.  But when the core force is kept together tight and supporting itself it can dish out conventional damage fairly well while absorbing it equally well.


Formation Cost
1x Castellans of Dol Guldur 135
1x Dol Guldur War Troll 100
6x Morannon Orc 150
2x Mordor Uruk Hai w/ 2H 60
2x Mordor Orc w/ Bow 40
5x Warg Riders w/ Shield 125
4x Giant Spiders 140
Total 750