Forces of Evil - Dain's Last Stand - 18Jun11

WotR Army List:  Dain's Last Stand - 18 Jun 2011

Forces of Evil


U luzrs!  Where's all ur Nazgul?

Ok...let's start this off by saying this was never intended to be one of the "killer", over-the-top, exploit-every-WotR-army-building-weakness kind of force that some people will probably be telling me we should have used.  This was intended to be a fun, competitive army built in the spirit of Tolkien's world and the scenario guidelines, and I think it fit that well.


We had a reasonable mix of various forces from the Fallen Realms as might have been drawn together by Sauron, reinforced with his own hosts, and sent against the Men of Dale and Dwarves of Lonely Mountain.  In the army building guidelines we could have drawn in multiple Nazgul, but this battle was taking place around the same time as the Siege of Gondor and we already know that the Ringwraiths were engaged there.  Maybe one, mounted or (preferably) on a Fellbeast, may have given a boost while remaining appropriate in the context of Tolkien's work, but I don't think I'd play this with much more than that. So we had to build our force within the pretty restrictive guidelines of the scenario to begin with, and then work it within the theme that would help make this a fun game.


A lot of our final decision was also driven by what models we had available.  I had been collecting Harad for a long time but had done very little with the army, already having a couple Evil armies in progress.  So I threw together everything I had and came up with just over 1000 points worth, so I trimmed it down just a little.  Ed had a greater variety including some Easterilngs, Harad and Khand.  His options totaled well over 1500 so he had more decisions to make.  It turned out in the end that a couple other players also brought along several Companies worth of Easterlings but we didn't want to take time reworking our list that morning.  Maybe next time.  After all, Easterlings were the greatest percentage of the force used in the real siege based on the Appendix.


In the end, Ed and I split the Fallen Realms and Mordor totals about down the middle and each of us brought that with us.  Though we communicated about some options over the days prior we didn't know 100% of what the other was bringing until we met that morning, but it worked out very well.


Ed's Fallen Realms Contingent

  • Amdur, Lord of the Blades served as our overall army leader
  • War Mumuk of Harad
  • Corsair Arbelasters ( 4 Companies )
  • Watchers of Karna Warband ( 1 Company )
  • Easterling Cohort (5 Companies )
    • Dragon Knight
  • Easterling Kataphrakt Cohort (4 Companies)
    • Captain
    • Dragon Knight
  • Easterling Archer Cohort

Ed's Mordor Contingent

  • Gorgoroth Orc Horde (14 Companies)
    • Captain
    • Task Master
    • Banner


Lawrence's Fallen Realms Contingent

  • War Mumuk of Harad
  • Serpent Rider Warband ( 5 Companies )
    • Chieftain
  • Haradrim Raid Warband ( 7 Companies over 2 Formations )
  • Haradrim Warband with Bows ( 3 Companies )
    • Chieftain
    • Hasharin

Lawrence's Mordor Contingent

  • Troll Chief
  • Catapult
  • Warg Riders with Shields (6 Companies)
    • Captain
  • Mordor Uruk Hai with 2 handed weapons (2 Companies)
    • Captain
  • Morannon Orc with Shield (4 Companies)
    • Captain


Critique and Comments

The mixed force actually performed pretty well considering there was almost no tuning beyond the little we did on our individual contingents and that Ed and I have never played as a team before (though we've played competitively against each other many times and knew each other's play style).


For this specific game, we need to remain mobile and constantly put the pressure on the Dwarf army.  This limited the effectiveness of the Corsair's crossbows.   For much of the first couple turns there was a pouring of highspeed forces forward and into the Dwarf lines, trying to break through quickly.  After that our forces blocked the Corsair's line of sight.  They did try shooting once early but it was into a defensible terrain feature and just didn't do much.  It wasn't until near the very end of the game that they caught up and were in a position where they had line of sight on some Dwarves.  They did great damage at that time but it was too little too late.  I'm not sure if I'd recommend bringing them again.  I think more Easterling infantry would be better use of the points.


The Mumukil were probably my biggest disappointment.  We had thought to have gotten at least one good smash into the Dwarves before they started going down but with the random movement we each only moved a few inches when we wanted to, but seem to stampede nearly 2 feet whenever we took damage and lost control.  Part of their problem may have been mitigated if it wasn't for the extra defensible terrain but overall I think we'll take one or none on any follow up games.  I really do like them and want to see them work, and I'm a bit short on Fallen Realms points anyway, so maybe one...


We were both pleasantly surprised by the usefulness of the Cavalry.  Even when hitting against the Dwarf's heavy armor and shields the lance bonus and poison weapons of the Haradrim helped deal some nice damage, and with the extra 6 dice for a charge, striking before the Dwarves, and a couple lucky rolls allowing a second charge after winning the Fight, they more than paid for themselves.  They were taken as an expendable part of the army designed to help weaken the first line of defense and did that plus a little extra.


The Troll Chief was probably my MVP.  His ability to do massive damage to an enemy on a charge, be an effective Dueler, At The Double when needed and stand up to some pretty good damage himself really helped him pay for his points.  I may look to getting two in for a rematch.