Wood Elf Sentinels

Wood Elf Sentinels

Protectors of Thranduil's Halls


The Elves of Mirkwood do not have mighty fortifications or walls to defend themselves against the ever present evil that is drawn to Dol Guldur in the south or that crawls from the Mountains of Mirkwood.  Instead they rely on the skill and courage of their people to outmaneuver and overwhelm their foes on their own terms.  The Sentinels are a key to this.  They are said to wander the dark woods far from the Halls, alone or in small groups, and watch and defend in much the same way as the Dunedain Rangers.  In addition to their superior skills in combat and stealth the Sentinels are able to weave magical verse and music with which they can beguile, repel or embolden.

The Models


As with most of GW's metal elites the Sentinels only come in three basic poses.  These are actually pretty good and I love the details of them.  And for the Strategy Battle Game three poses of a 25 point model are actually enough for most cases.  It wasn't until the release of War of the Ring that it became a problem for a couple reasons.  First, three poses gets very repetitive when viewed over more than a single 8-model Company.  Second, and more importantly, it gets EXPENSIVE to field a decent sized formation of all-metal models.  Yikes!


My favorite pose and first Sentinel I painted is one holding a horn aloft. It is basically the same model as the Wood Elf banner bearer but with some minor detail differences.  This particular version of the Sentinel does not have a bow on the model, so when I painted this one up I used the Elf bow and quiver from a special sprue of bitz that GW sold for a short time to enhance their LotR line.  I placed the model on a Back 2 Base-IX woodland base and positioned the bow as if the Sentinel had leaned it against the stump in readiness.  I had a lot of fun painting it as well, including some free hand motifs on the breastplate and cloak edge.




The second one I painted was blowing a horn.  For this one I wanted to give the appearance of a lady Elf as they would likely play as potent and important role in a society such as the Mirkwood Elves as the male Elves do.  My color selection was to brighter shades of green but then tempered with more of a wash and I tried to make the skin and hair even more fair.


I also placed this model on a custom base, selecting a river bed theme for this one.


There is one other model which I have in progress at this time.  I will update this with those images as soon as I have some progress with it.


I have a second pack of these (plus an extra straggler I got in trade), but that is still short of a Company, much less a decent Formation in WotR.  As I don't indent to pay for five or six more packs of these and I really want more variety in the force, I am planning some conversion work, picking up a pack of plastic Wood Elves as the starting point.  I will be adding hoods over the heads or draped at their backs and then sculpting a number of various musical instruments either on their person or in hand.


I am also going to be picking up the Legolas from the Three Hunters set to serve as a Captain for the Sentinels.  I don't need yet another Legolas  (yes, you CAN have too many) and really want a dynamic Captain.


Sentinels in the Strategy Battle Game



Sentinels in War of the Ring